Hola Barcelona, ¿estas listo?

Guys, it’s time. It’s time! Not only is it International Women’s Day – shout out to all ma ladies out there – it is also time for a new start, a new destination and a new blog.

I finally started with writing a new chapter in the book of my life. – That sounded so incredibly cliché. Sorry for that.

Do you know that feeling when you’re ready for a new start? You want to leave everything and everyone behind, you agree with the pain that comes with it, and with a small but brave heart, you just go for it. Well, I took that jump: I moved from a small town in Belgium to Barcelona for a couple of months.

I never really had a place where I completely felt like home. It feels like different parts of me are spread throughout Europe. My heart lays in Greece, my spirit is from Italy, my friends and family are based in Belgium. But a place where I am seen as one of the inhabitants? A place where I really feel comfortable, as in my place? Nah. Haven’t found that place yet. I don’t mind tho, I look at it positively: who knows which place it will turn out to be. There is still so much to discover. I’ll put “finding my home” at the end of my bucket list.

So, enough boring stuff about life and blablabla: let’s get to the real stuff. Barcelona! Home of delicious food, open-minded people and one beautiful, shared mindset : don’t worry, have fun. Hakuna matata!

Life has thrown me into a place and said to me: Bitch, be social. Meet new people. Grow.  I said: challenge accepted. I’ve never met so many people in such a short time, I hear stories from people from all over the world and I don’t have any privacy. All that happens in one magical place. You guessed it right: I am staying at a hostel!

I´m living and working there, so that explains why I haven´t written anything in a while… For which I sincerely apologize.

But now your blogger bitch is back, and I hope you guys like Barcelona, because that will be all I´m writing about the next few months.

My dear readers, be ready to discover Barcelona together. I won’t hand you a “top 10 of restaurants”, because that’s not how I roll. I’ll just write about my discoveries and it’s up to you guys to get useful information out of it.

Well, enough introduction already. You can expect a blog about my first discoveries in Barcelona very soon *drum rolls*. Don’t forget to go out and protest today and support women all over the world, dearies.



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