Barcelona Lenta

Welcome all, to another blog of mine.

*crowd cheering*

I promised you a blog about Barcelona with useful stuff in it, so here it goes.

What not to expect in this blog: Barcelona in 2 days or something like that.

What you can expect: my discoveries in Barcelona so far, or what I call: “The result of endless strolls with a touch of touristic curiosity.”

Sagrada Familia

The first thing I explored in Barcelona was the cathedral la Sagrada Familia. Ten years ago, I visited it and I still had a blurry picture of how it was back then- and my curiosity made me walk to this enormous and beautiful cathedral.

Do you know that bitter feeling of disappointment when something turns out different in reality than the picture you had in your head? And you can’t help being disappointed in something?

Well, I didn’t had that fortunately.

Didn’t see that one coming, did you?

I loved the cathedral, every detail was so stunning. I just sat in front of it for a while, staring, while listening to some music.

I did add something to my bucket list: visiting the inside of the Sagrada Familia by day time. From what I’ve heard, it’s supposed to be very beautiful. I’ll be back.

Plaza España

Yet another impulsive walk brought me to Plaza España. Dios mio, what a beautiful scenery! I’ll just let the pictures speak for themselves.


Park Guëll

I love parks, gardens and beautiful views. What I really wanted to visit ever since I’ve arrived in Barcelona, was park Guëll.

It was a truly enchanting park and Gaudi’s touch to it was marvellous to witness. His house is truly a candidate for MTV’s My Crib. #Goals.

When you’re there, it really feels like for a moment, you’re not in the sparkling city of Barcelona. A liberating feeling surprised me while I overlooked the city view. I can’t really articulate the feeling I have while being in Barcelona; it feels like a familiar place (even though I suck in finding my way). Being on top of this city and seeing the illuminated streets, the Ramblas, the beach, just everything, was amazing.

Too bad they were renovating the famous mosaïc bench and only a part was available for the public to visit. But again; I’ll be back. *The Terminator voice is slowly taking over now*.


Unfortunately, my memory left me abandoned a few times and I often left my memory card while it was supposed to be in my camera. Oops. Excuse me for my lower quality- pictures, I hope my memory (card) will stand by me from now on.



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