Charming Catalunya

¡Hola chicos y chicas!

it is time for another tormenting 3 minutes of blog reading. ¿Estas listo?

I have some beautiful destinations and shaming stories to share with you guys. Can you feel the excitement rising? And my ego as well?


If you are heading to Spain – more exactly the region of Catalunya – you can visit Montserrat. As the name says, it is a chapel in the high mountains of Spain. You’re probably thinking: a chapel? In the mountains? Why on earth would I visit that?

So, just to make it more clear to you, here are some pro´s and cons of visiting this high in the sky-scenery.


  • Breathtaking views over the mountains and Catalunya
  • Beautiful church where you can walk through
  • A square with ancient statues, completing the picture perfect, stunning views
  • You can take the Funicular to the very top of the mountain for the real ‘I’m on top of the world!”- feeling


  • There is only one actually: the ride towards the top of the mountain. For me, driving through small streets with lots of curves and the abyss right around the corner – literally- was an eternal travel. But the good news is: you can also walk to the top if you are absolutely crazy, or just take the train in peace.


This small village at the coast of Spain is perfect if you want to exhale all the stress and inhale tranquility. Sitges offers typical local Spanish restaurants, a nice dock to walk through and, again, a cathedral with gorgeous statues nearby, such as this adored mermaid.


Hint: don´t go standing too close to the waterfront. Even though you think waves aren’t coming, they are. They can smell your ignorance. And you will be overflowed with water. Yes, that happened to me, so take my advice, will ya.

What else can you do besides sightseeing, you may wonder? You can walk through the small alleys, shop in the small but stylish shops and take a break for a while to have some delicious tapas. If you want to escape the vivid city of Barcelona without driving too long, and you want to stay at the waterfront, Sitges is definitely recommendable.


Walking down Las Ramblas

Las Ramblas don’t only serve as a tourist magnet, but they also lead you to beautiful places in Barcelona. Especially if you enter the sidestreets. On the Ramblas itself, you will find La Boqueria, the gigantic food market where you can find all sorts of fresh fruits, meat, fish and typical Spanish tapas.


Again, I have a tip for you guys if you don’t want to be embarrassed in this area. When you make a reservation in a restaurant around these streets, the name will be likely to contain the word “boqueria” in it, because this entire area is called like that. So please, don’t be like me and walk into a restaurant thinking that is the one you made your reservation at. Because the looks and laughs on everyone’s faces when they really can’t find your booking and realise that this is not the restaurant you mean, are the things you don’t want to see. Take it from the specialist of making fails/getting let down in public!

If you keep on walking down Las Ramblas, you’ll find the Columbus statue, which I adore so much. It’s built to remember Columbus discovering America, and the fact that he reported it firstly to the King and Queen of Barcelona at that time. It is a very impressive statue, surrounded by lions and the bottom, on which everyone attempts to get on, but fail most of the time. Yes, that is what I noticed when being there, okay?


After the statue, you walk down to Barcelona Puerto – the port of Barcelona. On the other side of the dock, you will find La Barceloneta, which has got to be my favorite place in Barcelona. You have all sorts of restaurants there, a beautiful giant dock, and beaches that give you the perfect view over the Mediterranean ocean. Not to forget that this is the place to be for some good paella. Enjoy!


I hope you guys managed to stay awake during this blog and that you can maybe fill your trip to Barcelona or Catalunya a little bit. If you need some more inspiration, you can check out my previous blog Barcelona lenta.


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