Ana Seas The Day is a travel blog with a mission to inspire, share travel adventures, tips and advice to all the salty souls in the world.

I chose Ana Seas The Day as name for my blog because of three reasons:

  1. Seize the day.
  2. My love for the seas.
  3. See the world through my eyes – Ana‘s eyes.

It is always important to enjoy this beautiful experience called life and make the very best out of it. You don’t have to life live like today is your last day, but make sure you get everything out of today and focus on this gift we call the present. Furthermore, we cannot forget to have goals in mind and go through life like a shark, determined and focused. The saying “seize the day” captures this philosophy perfectly.

Secondly, my name is inspired by my love for the seven seas, beautiful islands, tropical waters, etc. Growing up as a Greek-Italian girl in cold Belgium, my parents always took me to the most beautiful Mediterranean destinations. Also after working as a flight attendant, my passion for traveling and photography grows stronger every day and my salty soul hungers for expanding my horizon and going on adventures in the most beautiful places all around the world.

And lastly, my blog name features a part of my name – Anaïs – because this project features experiences through my eyes only. I share my point view on this world and this aspect is also visible in my photography, where I tend to capture unique moments and angles.