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As a travel coach & certified life coach, I help you travel with intention & live with purpose.
If you are a traveler, nomad, expat or just a travel lover: I help you transform through travel.
If you are in need of more purpose in your life, or simply improve yourself: I help you live with purpose.

Unleash your potential

“Do I need a coach?”

First of all, ask yourself: Am I willing to do the inner work to grow?

Everyone can use a coach, even top athletes have coaches to keep improving their skills or help them whenever they feel lost or unmotivated. As with top athletes, you too have an ongoing process of growth and it’s natural, even in our human nature, to surround ourselves with people who lift us higher and see our greater potential – thus a certified coach.

  • I am the push you need, the encouragement & support
  • I listen without judgement
  • I see your potential, your qualities & your blind spots
  • I ask the right questions so you find the right answers

Are you…

  • Ready to grow and develop yourself?
  • In need of someone who sees your potential? 
  • Willing to invest in your personal growth?
  • Looking to improve your wellbeing?
  • Ready to break free of limiting beliefs?
  • (Wanting to) travel(ing) or liv(ing) abroad & in need of some clarity?
If you answered yes to any of these…

I can help you! 

Even though travel is on hold now, this is the perfect time to work on yourself and find a deeper meaning in your life and travels!

Ready for growth?

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“A coach is someone who sees beyond your limits and guides you to greatness.”

Michael Jordan

“Coaching is the universal language of change and learning.”


Whether you are about thinking about solo travel, or you have some doubts or fear with the current pandemic going on…
Whether you feel stuck at your current job, or you are wondering if it’s time to start doing what you actually love to do instead of what you limit yourself with.
We all have the power to take matters into our own hands. You have that power, too. It’s time to start shining. Be the real you. Go on adventures. Life a life of purpose and meaning. Find intention and fulfilment in your travels.

It’s time to be your best self

Together, we take a look at your life road.

What is the end goal?
What are the roadblocks?
How can you progress on your journey and grow along the way?
We create an action plan, set goals & personalise your coaching plan.

I use different coaching tools & approaches, such as NLP, along with mindfulness meditation.
These tools have been scientifically proven to be very effective for your mental & physical health.

Coaching Packages

Lifting Leap

1 session & 1 free interview
Lifting Leap is an eye-opening coaching session where you gain perspective on a specific problem & receive the answer you are looking for.
Do you feel like you are stuck and you need a little push?
Do you want to overcome a negative thought?
Do you need some clarity, guidance or another perspective of a problem you encounter right now?
Do you need a power-boost to get some empowerment and encouragement?
Lifting Leap is perfect for you if you want to have more clarity, a powerful break-through, an aha-moment, a moment of pure freedom and confidence!

Revival Road

4 sessions & 1 free interview
€220 (-€20 OFF)
Revival Road is the road of self-growth! Go through profound change and see yourself reaching your goals and go through the change you need.
Do you want to travel again, but does doubt hold you back?
Do you want to overcome anxiety, fears or feelings of being overwhelmed?
We will set a SMART goal & an action plan and I hold you accountable for it.
Maybe you need a push in life through gaining confidence, clarity or setting new goals
Hop on Revival Road if you need support, encouragement & clarity about a specific problem or change, reaching goals & seeing results!

Phoenix Program

6 sessions & 1 free interview
€330 (-€30 OFF)
The Phoenix Program is dedicated to making your personal transformation come true. Rise from the ashes, like a Phoenix.
Re-write your life story. Find your purpose and meaning in life.
Overcome your limiting beliefs and create new, good ones.
We will set a SMART goal & an action plan and I hold you accountable for it.
Release old habits & create new habits and routines that support your new life.
The Phoenix Program is for you if you want to go through a major change in your life and find inner strength, learn how to love yourself & create your own life.

Please note that the coaching results and outcomes are based on your own actions, willingness and effort. As a coach, I provide you with the coaching tools, approaches and support to help you grow. And as such, refunds will not be made. Investing in yourself is about putting in the work and effort, the good and the bad, and going through this process of reflection, development and growth.

Let’s create something beautiful together.