Why Solo Travel Is Good for You

I was 19 years old when I set foot in an airplane, leaving for my first solo trip. I was 20 years old when I went on my 6th solo trip, 6 times zones away from home. We… Read More

The Trip That Didn’t Go As Planned

Destination: Buenos Aires. The plan: stay in the city. That’s it. One goal. One plan. One place.  An excited, yet half asleep girl is strolling through the hallway in the airport while in the background there is a… Read More

Majestic Milan

Ah, Milano. Every traveler’s go-to spot for the newest and trendiest fashion pieces, delicious artisan ice cream, and beautiful views at typical Italian cafeterias overlooking the Duomo di Milano.  Magical mornings in Milan Waking up in Milan is… Read More

“The Italian Maldives”: Beautiful Budoni

That summer breeze, that endless ocean, that lagoon blue ocean that is so clear you can see every little fish and sea shell floating on the sand… is there anything better than a good ol’ tropical beach? I… Read More

Make the Jump: Go Solo Female Travel!

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The Best Way to Book Your Budget Holiday

That deep state of relaxation, that immense thrill of expanding your boundaries, that exciting feeling of strolling around in unknown streets and that spontaneous, wild version of you being outside your comfort zone and away from the daily… Read More

A 4-Day Glimpse of Magical Morocco

A Glimpse of Magical Morocco

Malta, a Ravishing Island of African & Italian Influences

A guide to the island of Malta.